Opening Week and Philly Cheesesteaks!

Hello Wally Bloggers~

Spring is in the air and baseball is in full gear! A lot has happened since I last wrote. What has happened you may ask yourself? Well Opening Day at Fenway that is! What a great day it was. Not only did we win, but the team honored the 1946 Red Sox in our pre game ceremonies. I remember just like it was yesterday watching from the Green Monster as great players such as Pesky, Ferriss, and Doerr rode by. To see them return to Fenway Park, boy what a moment! The homestand was great! It was especially special to see my second family, the Fenway Faithful, once again! We have the best fans in all of sports and I am proud to be the leader of Red Sox Nation.

I was getting very excited as Saturday approached because this was going to be the day that my mascot friends came to Fenway to visit with me and the fans. This was also going to be the day that Lefty & Righty, our two new additions to the Red Sox family, would make their debut in our storied ballpark. Lucky (Celtics), Pat Patriot, Blades (Bruins), and Lefty & Righty made it a great day on Kids Opening Weekend presented by Hood. From dancing on the dugout to the 7th inning stretch it was such a special day. Lefty & Righty have also told me that they will be visiting the ballpark for every day game this season, so make you keep your eyes peeled for them!

After the homestand wrapped up, it was time to go to one of my best friends? birthday parties, the Phillie Phanatic! Gapper (Reds), Mr. Met, T.C. (Twins), Slider (Indians), The Bird (Orioles), Lou Seal (Giants), Parrot (Pirates), Sluggerr (Royals) and myself were there for the festivities at the game on Sunday. The Phanatic didn’t even know we were there, so when he game onto the field he was SOOO surprised! His birthday wish was to play a game on the field that day with all of us, a little National vs. American League battle. I did my job at bat knocking a potential double through the left field side. As I was rounding second I noticed a Yankee fan wandering around in right field. As I ran towards him to chase him off the field the Phanatic tagged me out! It was a plant! The Phanatic always has tricks up his sleeve. The game was tied coming up to the last batter for the National League. After a 2-1 pitch the Phanatic hit a walk off homerun to top off his birthday celebration. After the game it was time for cake! All the Phillies fans in attendance sang happy birthday and then the Phanatic blew out his candles. What a great weekend it turned out to be in "The City of Brotherly Love!"

The next round of games at Fenway are right around the corner. I am getting super excited as I write this because it is just under 24 hours before the Yankees come to town to take on our new look Red Sox!

Till next time bloggers!

Go Sox!


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