February 2006


Where did the offseason go?  It seems just like yesterday that I began my voyage on what looked like the endless days of winter.  Now as I sit here I begin to realize that Opening Day at Fenway is two weeks away!!  I am excited and waiting for the moment that we open up the gates here on what is looking like another successful season for Red Sox Nation.

You may be asking yourself what did I do with the time off?  Well, there was no time off.  With appearances all over New England I had the chance to visit Red Sox fans young and old. 

These appearances did not stay within the limits of the New England states, but also expanded all the way down to sunny Florida!  That is right, 85 degrees and sunny everyday!  On March 4th I was able to visit with the residents of Sanford Florida for their Little League Opening Ceremonies.  I could not have expected a better welcome than I received!  It just goes to show you how loyal and faithful Sox fans are all over the Country.  The "fun in the sun" did not end there either as I made the voyage to Fort Myers to take in some Spring Training games from March 11th-18th.  It was my first time to "The Fort" and what a great time it was.  From the great ballpark to the hospitality of all the fans, I am counting down the days until I get to spend some time down there next March!

That is it for now from me.  Next time I check in the team will be in full gear looking to bring another World Series Championship to the Fenway Faithful!

Keep Your Sox On!